Mallard Lake Forest Preserve

Just shy of 950 acres, this widespread conservation on Bloomingdale’s northwest frontier encompasses the largest lake managed by the forest preserve district. The tranquility here is only rivaled by its volume; make sure to enjoy some time fishing or kayaking in one of these many waterbodies.

The Mallard Lake Landfill was once a popular destination for DuPage County residents, but it’s now one of the most prominent landfills in Chicagoland. At 982 feet tall with an area measuring almost 22 square kilometers (about seven city blocks), this landfill is easily visible from any point around town.  

Mallard Lake is a popular destination for fishing and picnicking. The 85-acre body of water provides the perfect balance between sporty activities like kayaking or swimming. Yet, it’s also easy enough that anyone can enjoy their time on land with a picnic lunch at one of their many tables spread around its shores.

If you enjoy birdwatching, this is the place for your observations. The 2-mile long boardwalk by water offers exceptional views of ducks and other birds that also frequent these waters. The paths leading off into Hawk Hollow lead deeper into the protected forest where one can find plenty more species living in harmony with their environment – it’s genuinely awe-inspiring stuff indeed.

Mallard Lake Forest Preserve is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. You can enjoy the many trails and opportunities it provides, such as fishing on two wheelchair-accessible piers or taking your picnic lunch to one of several beautiful spots along its boardwalk while birdwatching. Mallard Lake is an environmental treasure trove where you can find all sorts of wildlife. Beavers, great blue herons, and other birds live in their respective habitats while red-tailed hawks soar overhead looking for prey or just watching over them from above.

Mallard Lake is a popular picnic spot with dozens of tables and plenty to offer in terms of activities. You are not allowed ground fires, but you can bring your own grill if needed. The shelter has 50 spaces available for groups that want more space than just their own private party zone (which it seems like most people do).

The fishing at Mallard Lake is excellent for catfish, bass, and other species. Those who prefer smaller fish can try their luck on Cloverdale Pond or along the West Branch DuPage River, which has a maximum depth of 35 feet with plenty more accessible areas that are still well-stocked. Illinois fishing licenses are required for all anglers 16 years old and older.

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