Mackenzie Place / Tartan Court

Mackenzie Place / Tartan Court is a great place to call home in Wheaton if you’re looking for that suburban feel with all of the perks. This quiet neighborhood offers plenty in terms of amenities and has an easy access road system, making it very convenient when driving around town on business or just getting from point A -B.

The median house price in the Mackenzie Place / Tartan Court neighborhood is $558,681, which makes it more expensive than 93.7% of the neighborhoods across Illinois and 82% nationwide.

In the Mackenzie Place / Tartan Court neighborhood, you will find rental prices that are far above average. The current average cost to rent a home here is $3,423, which represents a higher rental price than 99% of other areas in Illinois.

In the Tartan Court / Mackenzie Place neighborhood, you’ll find a great selection of homes to fit your needs. Whether it’s an apartment or house that suits what is important in life – whether small apartments for students who need their own space from time spent away at school; large houses with plenty of room leftover just so everyone can have their own rooms- there are properties available here.

The majority of residential real estate in this area is owner-occupied with older homes that were built between 1940 and 1969. A number also exist from 1970 through 1999; some even date back as far as more than 50 years ago.

The residential real estate market in the Mackenzie Place/Tartan Court area is dominated by owner-occupied homes. In fact, 99% of the properties are occupied by their owners, which accounts for a higher percentage than that found across most neighborhoods in America.

Mackenzie Place/Tartan Court is a highly exclusive, wealthy neighborhood in the United States where residents enjoy great wealth even when compared to other Americans. This unique situation arises from an extreme concentration of property value which has been carefully maintained through time because it’s so valuable to keep up appearances – one reason why people living here can recover more quickly from economic downturns than those elsewhere may experience.

This neighborhood is home to wealthy and educated executives. They live in stately homes that tend to maintain high real estate appreciation rates, with the majority being upper-level careers keeping them busy but allowing for comfortable living circumstances if you’re an executive looking into moving your family or business here.

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