Lost Mountain Adventure Golf

Miniature golf courses are a great way to have some fun, and this 18-hole course is perfect for all ages. With its tiny green balls that you need to score points (and they don’t come easy), the game can be challenging but enjoyable even if your skill level isn’t too high. The best part about miniaturized versions of traditional sports like golf? You get more shots per hole because there’s only one opponent instead of multiple opponents – so it takes longer than regular games do; however, players who take their time will likely find themselves potting several holes.

What is more captivating than an Indiana Jones set? The Lost Mountain course has artifacts, rocky outcroppings, and rope bridges. With three tiers leading up to a 22-foot waterfall that feeds into little pools below it, this landscaping shines for all of the beautiful adventures you’re sure to find there. The 22-foot tall waterfall and three-tiered design make for an adventurous course that will take you through rock outcroppings, a journey over waterfalls to the top of Lost Mountain.

This beautifully designed golf course will have you feeling like a pro in no time. The holes in this golf course are not only challenging but also fun to play. And with lighting that can penetrate even the deepest thereof, this terrain is perfect for any level golfer looking to get some fresh air on their back nine after hours spent working hard at work or school? The well-mannered layout means there’s never too much trouble navigating your way around.

Golfing is not just about winning holes; it’s also an opportunity for families to spend time together. With Lost Mountain Adventure Golf, which is located in Woodridge, Illinois area, you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine or starry night-time sky while your kids have fun playing their own game of golf.

You’ll be challenged by the mysterious Burial Ground, which hides an ancient stone circle underneath its ground; a daunting Stonehenge that tops grade 18 holes with three different types (and names)of terrain in one layout – all before taking off over the water. But don’t worry if you can only handle ‘er basics–there are also sheep trails galore.

Stop what you’re doing and head out for some Miniature Golf action today. The journey of a lifetime awaits those who take on the challenge at Lost Mountain Adventure Course, but don’t forget about Shoot The Summit (a 3D obstacle course) or Indiana Escape – both provide great laughs while keeping it natural with their tremendous challenges too. 

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