Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park’s median real estate price of $734,232 makes it more expensive than 97.2% of the neighborhoods in Illinois and 89.4% of the neighborhoods of the U.S.

The renters in Lincoln Park face an average cost of $2,878. The price is higher than 96.5% of neighborhoods across Illinois.

Lincoln Park is a densely populated urban neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois area.

Lincoln Park has small apartments with medium-sized living spaces. The neighborhood has both owner-occupied homes as well renting ones, so there’s something perfect no matter what your needs may be.

The neighborhood of Lincoln Park is not just a place where you can find history but also homes that were built in the past and present days.

Lincoln Park has a home and apartment vacancy rate that is lower than 56.8% of neighborhoods in the nation, ranging near the middle range for vacancies.

Notably, Lincoln Park is a very intelligent neighborhood. Out of all the communities in America, it has one of the higher rates for college-educated adults! With 914% having received at least four years bachelor’s degrees or more, this place really stands out from others around here.

The urban culture of this neighborhood of Lincoln Park is defined by their urbane tastes in literature, music, and art. They are wealthy educated travels often style; whether they live inside or near big cities.

The diverse, urban atmosphere of the Lincoln Park neighborhood makes it an excellent choice for young professional, highly educated executives and college students.

Truth to say, Lincoln Park is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. With a mere 3.2% as rich and luxurious of America’s neighborhoods, it’s clear to see why this community has been able to achieve such success with its residents’ quality of life.

The people in the Lincoln Park neighborhood are high class and precedence driven. They prefer to send their children off into private preparatory schools rather than public ones because they feel it’s better for them.

The residents of Lincoln Park mostly drive luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, or Lexus.

Lincoln Park is a neighborhood in Chicago where residents take the train to work every day. The rate of ridership is at 52.7%. This is higher than 98.9% of other neighborhoods across America.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago may be one of the most densely populated areas, With 34,721 people per square mile packed than 97.5% of the U.S neighborhoods.

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