Lincoln Park Zoo

Located in Chicago, IL, Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in America, with over 200 animal species living side by American citizens. With the oldest beginnings dating back to 1868, it’s no wonder why this 35 acre (14 ha) space has captured so many hearts. The zoo was founded on conservation principles which make their mission statement “to inspire people about animals through memorable experiences.” They have been accredited members at AZA since 1985 and serve as ambassadors for biodiversity around the world today.

The beautiful Lincoln Park Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals. In addition, visitors can find big cats such as tigers and lions along with polar bears from the Arctic tundra region in exhibits throughout our zoo’s grounds. We also have many other types just waiting for you-including penguins galore or even monkeys who chatter away when they’re not eating their lunch soaked through wet dog treats (you know how these things go). And if that wasn’t enough – there are three separate groves housing over 100 trees total, including an impressive burr oak tree dating back nearly 180 years ago which stands tall despite being surrounded by buildings.

The Lincoln Park Zoo was founded in 1868 when two pairs of swans were donated by Central Park’s Board to the Commissioners. Other animals soon followed, including a puma (1874) and three wolf packs between 1880-1887, which increased public interest for this new zoo attraction that would allow people affordable access into animal conservation research; eight peacock feathers arrived on display several years ago after being bred at Wisconsin’s Chesterfield Madison campus under Director Kevin Ueltz’.In 1874 they purchased an adorable but pesky bear cub who often escapes and roams the zoo grounds during nighttime hours.

The Chicago Zoological Society has partnered with Adler Planetarium to create an interactive website called Zooniverse. The project aims at expanding their survey on wildlife throughout Chicagoland by using motion sensors, which capture images of animals and ask for public assistance in identifying them. The fossil-fuel-free zoo is home to a diverse range of animals, including big cats and polar bears. Visitors can enjoy studying their exhibits in detail while learning about the environmental impacts they have on Earth’s wildlife conservation efforts. In addition, there are many types of primates, such as chimps. The zoo is home to nearly 1,100 different species.

The Kovler Lion House Building is a historic landmark first built in 1912 and has housed many different types of cats over the years. In particular, it was home to two grottos that held lions as well as Siberian tigers, each with their own indoor areas alongside an interior main hall—and glass viewing spots from where guests could get a closer look at these magnificent animals up close.

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