Lincoln Park Northeast

Lincoln Park Northeast’s median real estate price of $1,043612 is higher than 88% of neighborhoods in Illinois and 78 percent within the United States. Lincoln Park Northeast is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Chicago. The average rental price here currently sits at $2,110; this exceeds 84% percent of other areas across Illinois.

The Lincoln Park Northeast is one of the most densely urban neighborhoods in Chicago, IL.

This neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for apartments that range from small studio spaces with one bedroom all the way up to four-bedroom homes. Most people living in this neighborhood rent their units instead of owning them.

The Lincoln Park Northeast neighborhood has some great houses that were built before 1939. There are also many newer ones, with dates ranging from 1970-to 1999.

The Lincoln Park Northeast is a great place to live with its low vacancies and high demand for real estate. With so many people looking into this area, you can bet that prices will continue their rise or construction of more houses sooner than later.

Lincoln Park Northeast is one of the few neighborhoods in America where children can grow up safe and secure. With a low poverty rate. In a place where one out of four children is living in poverty, the Lincoln Park Northeast community stands apart from all others.

The adults living in this neighborhood have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. This is higher than 99% of U.S. cities and neighborhoods; In fact, it stands out as one of the highest rates around here.

There are plenty of places in Lincoln Park Northeast to meet potential love interests. If you’re looking for active nightlife with lots of opportunities, then this neighborhood won’t disappoint.

This is a very interesting fact. More people ride by bus in this neighborhood each day to get to work than 99% of all U.S. neighborhoods.

Lincoln Park Northeast is a unique neighborhood because it has more apartment complexes or high-rise apartments than nearly any other place in America. The population here consists almost entirely of big buildings with many units. Also, this is a unique neighborhood in the sense that it has one of the highest proportions of 1-bedrooms, two-bedroom homes. Most other neighborhoods have various sizes, from small to large, but here there are more studios and other small living spaces which are at near-record heights.

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