Lincoln Marsh Natural Area

The Lincoln Marsh Natural Area, located in Wheaton, IL, is a haven for those who love the outdoors. The preserve provides visitors with an opportunity to get up close and personal views of nature while learning more about its importance in our lives through educational programs offered at various stations throughout campgrounds attractions within the site.

This is a 150-acre natural area that offers scenic beauty and peace for all to enjoy. There are plenty of opportunities here, whether you’re looking to get some fresh air or spend time with your family in nature’s backyard.

The Lincoln Marsh Natural Area is a wetland landscape with open water and marsh areas that dots the prairie. The natural integrity of this area can be seen despite its urban setting, as it surrounds both woodlands and savannahs to extremes on all sides, making up for an impressive sight from any angle you take.

The Lincoln Marsh Natural Area provides an opportunity for you to explore, learn about nature—and even get dirty. You’ll find opportunities here that range from educational programs about environmental science with experts who can answer your questions or help guide future studies and walks through beautiful landscapes filled will animals native only found on this landmass.

This is also a popular spot for nature enthusiasts to enjoy hiking and picnicking. A network of trails allows visitors easy access, whether they want an adventure on foot or by bike/dog strolls through the forest floor with scenic views along with this natural jewel.

With over 13,000 participants every year and a wide variety of programs to choose from, including the Nature & Adventure Program for schools or individual adventures such as their Challenge Course with team building activities like high ropes courses plus climbing tower–the Lincoln Marsh Natural Area has something perfect fit your next event.

Their programs are designed by professionals who know what makes this area so special: its natural beauty paired with engaging content in dynamic environments made up of both manmade features (such as rope swings) & unrivaled outdoor settings.

The Lincoln Marsh is a natural way to control flooding in this area. The marsh stores stormwater during heavy rains and floods, which would cost more than $10 million dollars if we were building retention facilities on top of what this amazing ecosystem provides naturally.

Situated at Harrison Ave & Pierce Ave, Wheaton, IL 60187, Lincoln Marsh Natural Area is a haven for hundreds of plant and animal species. It’s home to several different types of wetland, grassland habitats, as well as an oak forest with hickory trees.

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