Lexington Village

The median price of homes in Lexington Village is $325,426, which makes it more expensive than 70.8% of neighborhoods across Illinois and 57.4% of the U.S neighborhood. The cost of renting a home in this neighborhood is higher than 82.3% of the other areas within Illinois.

Lexington Village, located in Schaumburg, Illinois is one of the densest neighborhoods in all of Illinois, and it’s also located right near Chicago. The small to medium-sized houses in the Lexington Village neighborhood are typically made up of one or two bedrooms. The majority of owner-occupied homes were built between 1970 and 1999, while a number dating back as far as 1940 can also be found here.

The real estate market in this area is very competitive, which means that homeowners can expect to maintain their property’s value by staying on top of maintenance and repairs. With such low vacancy rates throughout much, if not all, parts 5.1%, it might be time for you to consider moving into one of these spacious condos.

The neighborhood of Lexington Village stands out as rather unique because it has almost all its residential real estate built in one time era, namely between 1970 and 1999. Generally regarded as established but not old, housing makes up most aspects found there; this fact gives the place an interesting history that you can discover by walking around.

The first thing you’ll notice when driving around this neighborhood is how much it looks like most other places. In fact, 86.7% of the residential real estate here was built in one time period. You might be surprised to know that the Lexington Village neighborhood has more Polish and Yugoslav ancestry people living in it than any other American neighborhood. In fact, 16.9% of this area’s residents possess Polonica heritage with 0.7%.

Lexington Village is one of the most linguistically diverse places in America. Significantly, 5.1% or more residents speak Langs. of India at home, which isn’t too common considering how many people are foreign-born and come to this country with their families looking for a better life.

Our daily activities have a huge impact on the person we become. You are what you do for a living, but also how your neighbors’ jobs affect them and their culture in general- which shapes who they are as people.

In the Lexington Village neighborhood, residents are largely employed in executive positions. This is due to many working professionals who reside here as well as administrative support staff such as clerical workers and techies making up 20.8%. The second most important occupational group after these two major ones will be sales-level jobs with 13.4%, totaling almost one-half of 46.1% percent Of all employment bases found within this area.

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