Lauren Oaks Drive

Lauren Oaks Drive is a great place to call home if you’re looking for density and convenience. This neighborhood has many family-friendly amenities like parks, schools galore, and easy access to public transportation, which makes traveling around town simple.

When you look at the Lauren Oaks Drive neighborhood in Illinois, it’s clear to see why there is such a high price tag. The median real estate cost for this area exceeds 67%. That makes them 54% greater than average wages which means their homes will typically cost less per square foot but still be valued fairly high due to it being outside our geographical boundaries; compare these numbers with those from other states or countries far away from where people earn lower salaries- their home values go down accordingly.

The cost of renting in this Lauren Oaks Drive neighborhood is $2,692 on average. This pricey area beats out 95% of Illinois neighborhoods when it comes to per square foot prices. There are many homes for sale here that can perfectly fit your needs depending on what you’re looking for – so take some time and explore the possibilities today.

This large and diverse neighborhood has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to live in a spacious two-story home with a private deck or enjoy the convenience of renting one room that doesn’t even have access outdoors, this area will suit your needs best. Lauren Oaks Drive is one of the most popular neighborhoods in this area, with many homes being occupied by their owners. Many are established but not old-fashioned or rickety; they were all built between 1970 and 1999, making them modern enough for any household today. There are also some newer structures added onto these properties starting around 2000, so you can find whatever suits your needs, whether its price range or style preferences: whether it be something more affordable than an antique colonial revival house on charming square footage near schools.

Lauren Oaks Drive is a great place to live if you’re looking for an apartment. The homes here have lower vacancies rates than most neighborhoods around, but not quite as bad at 8.5%. On average, this location falls right within the middle range when compared against other places of its type – meaning it’s pretty rare and hard-to-find something without already knowing someone else who lives there or has family ties with somebody doing something related to work or lived here previously.

The Lauren Oaks Drive neighborhood in Streamwood is among the most wealthiest areas. The average income here exceeds 88% of other American communities and represents only 15% of the high-income regions nationwide.

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