The Lakeview median real estate price of $683,209 is not only more expensive than the average in Illinois but also much greater when compared nationwide.

In Lakeview, you’ll find the average rental price to be $2,320. The cost of renting this home is higher than 88.1%of neighborhoods in Illinois.

Lakeview is a neighborhood in Chicago, IL with an urban population density.

Lakeview is known for its small to medium-sized apartments. Most of the residential properties are occupied by owners or renters.

The Lakeview neighborhood is a historic district, with many homes dating back to before World War II. There are also quite some newer construction projects in this area that were built between 1970 and 1999.

The availability of homes for rent in Lakeview is lower than in most neighborhoods. The median home vacancy rate here, at 9.7% compared to 45.4%, falls within the average range among other cities across America.

This neighborhood of Lakeview is perfect for those who love to read, write and learn. It has an overwhelming amount of educated adults with at least a bachelor’s degree.

What you’ll notice if you moved to this neighborhood is that an astonishing 3.3% of the households are same-sex couples.

This is an indication that the Lakeview neighborhood likely has a large LGBT population. If you’re looking for such neighborhoods, consider it one of your options when choosing where to live.

The people in this community have refined tastes and are interested in culture. They can afford to live well because they’re rich.

This neighborhood is uniquely immersed with urban sophisticates who stand out as a class among their own peers, characterizing them more so than 98.4% of neighborhoods across America.

The Lakeview neighborhood is a great area to live if you enjoy being involved in the arts as well as other forms of entertainment.

When you come to know the people here, it will become clear that we’re in one of America’s wealthiest neighborhoods. The real estate is well maintained and tends not only to maintain its value but also go up over time; cars here are mostly luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and Audi, BMW, or Lexus.

The children of this neighborhood are more likely than others in the city to attend private preparatory schools. They also have a preference for educational vacations abroad, such as Disney or Europe’s finest beaches.

Lakeview has more Croatia and Greece in its genetics than nearly any other neighborhood. In fact, 1.5% of the residents here have Croatian ancestry.

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