Lake Street

Lake Street is a suburban neighborhood in Bloomingdale, Illinois area. It’s the perfect place for those who want to live life without any distractions or hustle- bustles of city living. The homes on this stretch have been decorated with lush trees throughout so you can enjoy peace and quiet while still being close enough that commute times are minimal

The Lake Street neighborhood in Bloomingdale area has some seriously pricey homes. The median home value on that stretch is nearly three times higher than it would be elsewhere in Illinois and 63% more so than nationwide figures- which makes them stand out as being quite expensive by any standard measure. This area of Chicago has such a high ratio, which makes it an attractive place for buyers looking at the market. That’s not surprising since this street shares its borders with Medina Rd, another pricey neighborhood, and contains some pretty upscale properties.

In the Lake Street neighborhood, based on complete analysis by NeighborhoodScout excluding overlapping areas such as Chicago neighborhoods or other nearby cities that have similar characteristics, rental prices are higher than 62% of all other places close enough for a comparison.

Lake Street is a neighborhood where you will find all real estate types. Small to medium-sized apartments, single-family homes, and high-rise buildings make up this bustling neighborhood in Chicago’s North Side. Upcoming developments in Lake Street offer something for everyone who lives or wants to live here. The diverse population of Lake Street has made it a mixture between owners and renters for years. This community is home to many established homes, built between 1970-1999 and newer ones that were added on in 2000 or later.

When it comes to finding a home, the current vacancy rate in Lake Street is 0.5%. This means that fewer homes are for sale than what’s available demand-wise, making moving here very difficult unless you’re looking outside this area or have money set aside expressly because prices are still a bit higher than most neighborhoods in Bloomingdale area.

Lake Street is a great place to live, with its moderate-income population and average household earnings. It’s one of the more respected areas in America. The demographics of a neighborhood largely determine its character. The people living in an area will affect their lifestyle, the amenities they enjoy, and the level of expenses for things like housing prices across various regions within that community. The residents of Lake Street do enjoy higher incomes than most other places around them by approximately 50%.

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