Lake Harriet Park

Situated close to the Woodridge Park District Offices, this small but scenic fishing pond is surrounded by natural wooded banks. This makes for an ideal spot if you’re looking to take advantage of some fresh air while workplaces are busy at work.

Lake Harriet Park is a place where you can go for peace and relaxation. You may want to picnic or just play around in this nine-acre space with your family, whether it’s by bicycle or on foot. Lake Harriet is a place for peaceful relaxation, with plenty of room to enjoy nature and your surroundings. Tag along with friends or family members to experience the beauty that this park offers.

The great thing about the parks in this part of Woodridge, IL area is that they’re all linked together by multipurpose trails, so you can get from Lake Harriet Park to Hawthorne Hill Woods without having to use your car. You’ll find a splash pad at Hobson Corner and a disc golf course too.

Park features include an 8.7-acre owned area, picnic area with bike trails, and walking paths for users of all abilities to enjoy. The multipurpose open play area has fishing stations as well as non-motorized boat access so you can take your kids on an impromptu trip downriver or just have some family time bonding over nature’s beauty outside their doorsteps at home. The key component that makes this park such a great place is its natural setting: surrounded by green space perfect for picnicking or playing games like hide-and-seek among trees shading soft grass underfoot.

There are various things that are prohibited on this public property. You may not paintball or play with knives in the park, and glass objects such as bottles must be returned at night when it becomes hazardous for people who live there because they will break if left unattended. Alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed either. Please be sure to treat all park property with respect. This includes buildings, athletic facilities, and signs – not just nature. You are prohibited from digging in any part of the park as well. The rules for biking, climbing, or skating on park property are clear. You may not set off fireworks without permission, and all fires must be attended to at all times.

Lake Harriet Trail is a beautiful, well-maintained trail that all skill levels of hikers can use. The 1.8 km loop features plenty to see, including natural scenery and historical landmarks such as the Stone House museum at its end.

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