Keeler Avenue

Keeler Avenue is an urban neighborhood in Skokie, Illinois. The real estate here tends to be medium-sized, with three or four-bedroom homes and larger apartments for those who can’t live on one floor forever.

The neighborhood is a great place to live, with many homeowners living in older homes. In this area, you’ll find more history than most other places around here. The Keeler Ave has some cool houses that range from World War II-era dwellings down through modern renovations – everyone’s got their style we love best about where they come from. No matter what type of residence it may be, these streets have seen enough traffic over the years, so there will always seem like plenty happening at once when walking along with them during any given day.

When looking for a home on Keeler Ave, the median real estate price must reflect what people can afford. The average household in Illinois makes $54k-$75K and should consider homes with prices under 600 thousand dollars. However, many will not be able to purchase this type of property because they live too close (less than 1 mile) from where there’s already high demand as opposed to being far away from public transport facilities which means longer commutes every day at work.

While the average rental price in Keeler Ave is currently $2,325 based on NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis, the cost for this neighborhood exceeds 88% of those found throughout Illinois. When it comes to vacancy rates, Keeler Avenue is not too bad. The communities near the golf course have an average of 9% homes and apartments that are unoccupied, which seems reasonable enough for this area.

The Keeler Ave neighborhood is where children can grow up with the support needed to be successful adults. This area has some of the lowest child poverty rates in all United States. That’s why it stands out from other neighborhoods.

Your neighbors in this neighborhood are known for their sophisticated tastes. They love literature, music, and art which can be seen through their properties or garments on display every day. Whether you live here near them doesn’t matter because these people will always bring something new into your life with just about every visit, whether it is shopping at one of the many stores then going out to dinner afterward.

The thriving city life is perfect for those who like to be in the center of it all without being overwhelmed by traffic and construction. In addition, this area also has excellent schools, which make family-oriented living easy.

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