Hyde Park

Hyde Park’s median real estate price of $675,446 makes it more expensive than 96.1% of the neighborhoods in Illinois and 86.9 percent across America.

The Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago area has a high rental price, with the average being $1,886. This is higher than 78% of neighborhoods across Illinois.

Hyde Park is a highly populated urban neighborhood in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

Hyde Park neighborhood is a great place for those who want the convenience of living in an apartment or townhome. The city’s real estate market has something that will suit every lifestyle, from medium-sized homes with three bedrooms and two bedrooms all the way down to small studios.

There are a wide variety of homes in this neighborhood, with some being much older than others. For example, there are houses that were built back before World War II. Hyde Park has such an old history, and it’s pretty cool to know how many decades these buildings have been standing watch over our city.

The neighborhood of Hyde Park has a high empty housing market, with a 12.7% vacancy rate that is far higher than average for U.S neighborhoods higher than 67.2%. Most of this area’s unused homes are deserted year-round.

The lack of people in this area may be due to low demand, or that new housing has been built and is not yet occupied. Either way, if you live here, you might find many homes/apartments are empty.

The Hyde Park neighborhood has a unique blend of adults who have earned advanced degrees. There are doctors, lawyers, and even Ph.D. holders.

If you’re an executive and want to maintain a similar company, consider settling in this neighborhood. With a majority of adults being wealthy and educated with stately homes that tend to maintain high real estate appreciation rates, they own upper-level careers, which keeps them busy but allows them to live comfortably; Hyde Park is the place for You.

The beautiful Hyde Park is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in America. 59.3% more people choose to commute by foot here than in any other neighborhood.

Hyde Park is a neighborhood in Chicago with an extremely high concentration of people who are employed as executives, managers, or professionals. With nearly 81.7% percent working in these fields, it’s no wonder that this area has such shaping character and defines what Hyde Park truly stands for.

24.2% of households in the Hyde Park neighborhood don’t own a car at all.

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