Hobson Corner Park

Hobson Park packs an array of amenities into its small space, and one way you can enjoy them all year long is by taking advantage of the park’s splash pad which opens daily from May until October 1st. This is not your average park. It’s got tennis courts, picnic tables, and a shade pergola. Plus, it’s on the Southern DuPage County Regional Trail, which means you can take this path to stroll or cycle between Hobson Corner Park (which has an amazing view), 63rd Street Park & Summerhill preserve for some fresh air with no cars around.

This park is a great place to spend an evening with friends or family. The owners have paid attention to detail, like providing plenty of parking spaces and playing fields for various activities such as baseball practice infield (5). There are also four tennis courts available if you want some exercise while visiting the area. You can find pickleball acknowledgment here, too- four times the amount present before because these lovers know how much diversity adds value when it comes down to sharing their space between different sports.

Situated at 2910 Hobson Road Woodridge, IL 60517, the Splash Pad at the Hobson Corner Park is closed for this year’s season but will reopen in May 2022. This beautiful park is a great place for all ages. The ADA-accessible splash pad, shade pergola, and game picnic tables make it easy to enjoy yourself with family or friends. Plus there’s plenty of free parking so you can arrive early before everyone else starts coming too. Don’t forget about the portable restroom which will be available during peak times.

The splash pad at Hobson Park is a great place for kids and parents alike, so make sure you take advantage. No running or roughhousing allowed; it’s easy to get wet in these conditions–so just enjoy the cool water while watching them smile from inside the beautiful amenities that they’ve set up here at this facility.

The park is a family-friendly place with great amenities. The splash pad is located near the park’s play structures, making it easy for parents to watch their kids while they enjoy themselves carefully. Drinking alcohol or using tobacco products in any form will not be tolerated at this location – that means no alcoholic drinks also. Please use caution when at the spray park. The water from this facility is not suitable for drinking. The Hobson Park should be avoided during periods of heavy rain or lightning storms, including 30 minutes following any storm where thunder can still be heard nearby as well.

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