Hill N Dale

The median price of a home in Hill N Dale is $327,966, which makes it more expensive than 75.6% percent of the homes across Illinois and 61.3% of the American neighborhood. The cost of renting a home in Hill N Dale is higher than 94.6% of the neighborhoods across Illinois, with an average rental price currently at $2641.

Hill N Dale is a quiet suburban neighborhood based on population density in the city of Chicago. Hill N Dale is a small town filled with medium-sized to large single-family homes and mobile homes. Most residents are owner-occupied, making it an ideal community for those looking into raising their family or settling down permanently.

The Hill N Dale neighborhood is a scenic Suburb with many different types of homes. Some are old and established, while others were built in more modern times but still maintain their charm. The housing market in Hill N Dale is very balanced. Vacancies are low and demand high, which may signal an opportunity for either price increases or new construction to meet this imbalance

The real estate scene throughout America’s neighborhoods varies greatly; however, you’ll find that there isn’t much difference when it comes down right here at home with us. Hill N Dale is a neighborhood in which residential real estate dominates. In fact, 99.4% of houses here are occupied by their owners; this statistic makes the area’s housing market more exclusive than most others around America.

The Hill N Dale neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re an owner. This area has higher rates of residential real estate occupied by its owners than 99.4% of other neighborhoods in America. Hill N Dale is the perfect area to call home if you’re looking for family-friendly neighborhoods with top public schools, low crime rates, and single-family homes. Many other families also reside here, making it easy to socialize in this friendly community.

Hill N Dale is an interesting neighborhood because it has a higher proportion of residents who speak Japanese at home than 98.8% other neighborhoods in America.

The data from the Hill N Dale neighborhood in Schaumburg, Illinois shows that it belongs to one of America’s 15% wealthiest communities and has an average income higher than 89.3%. The rate at which children are poverty stricken here stands out with 13%.

The diverse languages spoken by people in this neighborhood give it an unique atmosphere. The most common language here is English, followed closely with Spanish and India’s Langs.

The Hill N Dale neighborhood in Schaumburg, IL area is home to many different types of people. Residents in this community most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as German (22.3%), followed by Mexican roots with 17% and Polish heritage at 14%. There’s also Asian ancestry on display here which accounts for 12%, along some Irish ancestry.

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