Hidden Ponds

The median price of a home in the Hidden Ponds area is $183,504, which makes it more expensive than 41.7% of neighborhoods within Illinois and 32.4 percent across America.

The average rental price in Hidden Ponds community is currently $2,070. That’s higher than 83.4% of the neighborhoods across Illinois.

The Hidden Ponds neighborhood in Schaumburg, Illinois, is an urban area with a high population density.

The Hidden Ponds real estate market is a hotbed for apartment dwellers. The small to medium-sized apartments have everything you need, with most being renter-occupied-perfect if you are looking into starting or growing roots in this community.

The Hidden Ponds neighborhood is a little quieter than most other parts of the city. Many homes have been established for decades, with some dating back as far as 1940 and 1969.

Hidden Ponds is a unique place since the vacancy rate here reaches 14.8%, which isn’t too surprising considering how many new homes have been built and not yet occupied by their owners, higher than 74.2%. It could either mean that there’s a low demand for real estate in this neighborhood or an excessive amount of supply due to all the development over recent years – either way, and you may find many empty apartments when walking around town.

The Hidden Ponds neighborhood has one of the highest proportions in America for homes with only studios or no bedrooms. This small size is one thing that makes this neighborhood unique, along with just a handful of other neighborhoods in America that share these characteristics.

The Hidden Ponds neighborhood is one of the most unique in all of America. The buildings that make up this area are mostly large apartments, making it stand out from other neighborhoods as having an incredibly high proportion of 83.4%

The renter occupancy rate in this neighborhood is 86.7%, which is nearly the highest level of any place across America.

The Hidden Ponds neighborhood in Chicago has more Asian and Swiss residents than any other place across America! In fact, 42.1% of the people living here have origins from Asia, while 1.8 percent are ethnically Swiss.

The neighborhood of Hidden Ponds is not only linguistically interesting but also has a high concentration of residents who speak Langs—India at home, with 14.1% five years old or more, which beats 99.7%.

The neighborhood of Hidden Ponds has a greater percentage born in another country than 97.4% of all U.S neighborhoods, which makes for some interesting findings when you consider how many people immigrate to this country and what their backgrounds may be like.

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