Herrick Lake Forest Preserve

With its picturesque views, Herrick Lake Forest Preserve is a popular destination for residents of the Wheaton area. It has 887 acres and offers many amenities to visitors, including hiking trails that lead you around all sides of this incredible space. It’s one among many preserves that make up this district, but it stands out as one with plenty for everyone to enjoy–whether you’re looking at nature or not.

You can find 254 different types of wildlife at Herrick Lake Forest Preserve, including ecologists who have documented more than 469 plant species. From autumn leaves to springtime flowers, this preserve has it all.

You can find many different types of trees in Herrick Lake Forest Preserve. The mature upland woods are home to 150-year old white, red, and bur oak which provide food for animals like woodpeckers or owls that live there too.

The heron and woodpecker patrol the banks of this preserve, where European grassland meets American elm trees. Slowly emerging from their home in these fields are young planted forests with understories that include smaller maples, oaks, etc., all growing on top viburnum berries which provide food for many animals, including those two bird species found here.

Herrick Lake Forest Preserve is a place where nature can be found at its finest. The preserve’s pothole marshes and streams are lined with silver maple trees, and buttonbush grows alongside them in thickets of blue-green leaves that flutter against soft winds like banners on raccoons-, woodchucks-, northern orioles-and thrushes make their homes here among other creatures unseen before your eyes – all waiting for you to explore this hidden gem.

Situated at 3S580 Naperville Rd, Wheaton, IL 60189-8761, Herrick Lake Forest Preserve is a haven for wildlife in need of refuge. The middle portion, Herrick Marsh, has been home to eastern tiger salamanders and northern leopard frogs, among others who call it their own with support from shrubs that offer protection against predators or provide food sources such as seeds fallen on ground infested by cats which can’t reach them because they’re too high off ground level thanks again those tall grasses you see everywhere around here.

Hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders will find more than 7 miles of trails in this preserve. The Danada-Herrick Lake Regional Trail passes through part of it while making a path around the lake connects both parking lots to picnic grounds as well. There is also an additional route that cuts through central parts or southern sides for those who want quick access to off-road adventures too.

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