Hawthorne / Purnell Gardens

Hawthorne/Purnell Gardens is a suburban neighborhood in Wheaton, Illinois, that offers a suburban lifestyle with easy access to the Downtown area.

Homeowners in the Hawthorne / Purnell Gardens neighborhood are paying a higher price than most other areas. The median real estate value there is $494,388, which means it has more expensive real estate than 90.6% of the neighborhoods in Illinois and 77.5% nationwide.

The cost of renting an apartment in this neighborhood is higher than in most other areas. The average rental price here currently sits at $1,988 – which makes it more costly than 81.2% of other neighborhoods across Illinois. The rent in this part of town is pretty high, but if you’re looking for a more spacious living space with better amenities, then check out some other nearby neighborhoods.

Hawthorne / Purnell Gardens is a great community for those who are looking to live in an area with plenty of space. The homes here range from medium-sized ones that only have three bedrooms up to five+ bedroom properties, so there’s something available no matter what size your family may be. Not only do these neighborhoods offer you peace & quiet when it comes time to get some zzzs, but they also provide quick access both morning and evening thanks again to their proximity next-door neighbors as well–allowing residents easy commutes between work or school life balance while still having enough individualism during their free time.

The area’s architecture provides a fascinating look into the past. Many homes in this neighborhood were built between 1940 and 1969, and also exist several other constructions that range from 1970 to 1999; these buildings tend to be more modern than their predecessors, for example by featuring expressions like stainless steel appliances instead of traditional cast iron ones which were often seen on kitchens during previous decades.

The people in this neighborhood are among the most fortunate ones because they live among some of America’s wealthiest neighborhoods. The Hawthorne / Purnell Gardens area has an average income that is higher than 90 percent of other areas across our great nation.

In the Hawthorne / Purnell Gardens neighborhood, workers can find a variety of jobs. The most important are executive and professional positions, with 55.6% employed in these fields alone. Sales accounts are another popular type seen throughout this area’s businesses– 26 percent have employees who work there as well to assure customer satisfaction while also making money off their sales commission or payment-on acetate sheets at fast-food restaurants. Other popular occupational groups include manufacturing (8.4%) and administrative support service industries, including clerical tasks, which account for 10%.

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