Hawthorne Hill Woods

The lush green trees of Hawthorne Hill Woods are home to an incredible variety of birds, including spring warblers. This little-visited 71-acre municipal park is dominated by woodpecker-rich woods that attract breeding and migratory species in droves. Explore the beautiful Hawthorn Hill Woods located in Woodridge, Illinois. This forest preserve has multipurpose trails and helps protect wildlife habitat for owls, red-tailed hawks (and other birds ), whitetail deer, and many others.

The park is a unique place that can be found in south-central DuPage County, northeast of the intersection between Rt 53 and 75th St. It has an eastern border along Woodridge Dr., which connects to Lake Harriet Park where Hawthorne Hill’s creek flows into it as well. The best way for people who visit this beautiful spot is to go on foot or by bicycle, but if you want your car close at hand, then feel free to use any available.

As you walk through Hawthorne Hill Woods, the trees seem to reach out and grab hold of your clothing with their branches. You feel as though no matter where in this vast forest we go- there is always something reminding us that nature still awaits. The shady clearing inside of the Hawthorne Hill Woods offers a serene setting for escape from reality; it’s easy enough just sit down on one knee or lay back against those plush moss-covered trunks while taking deep breaths before returning home again after an invigorating day.

Hawthorne Hill Woods is a popular picnic area for nearby communities. The heavily shaded creek and its tributary cut through the mature deciduous woods, which provides ample shade to enjoy your meal on one of many flat stones that line either side when you sit down at lunch or breakfast. The hiking/biking trail that passes through this park is very popular and can be difficult to get a parking spot near. But when wet, the woods are nearly impenetrable since they’re so thick with underbrush- the best time for exploring is south of that same path on grassy fields you’ll find one large savannah surrounded by smaller ones before climbing up onto wooded hills just westward from here.

The hiking trail is a popular destination for weekend warriors. It’s paved with wide shoulders and can get pretty busy on those days when people from all over come to hike or bike the 2 miles back home after enjoying an afternoon in nature. There are two connected trails inside these woods, though; one covered in woodchips while another has collapsed bridge across its waters – you’ll need some help getting there, though, since both paths end at different clearings outside of each other’s proximity limits.

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