Harrison Park

The median home price in Harrison Park is $307,267, which makes it more expensive than 69% of the neighborhoods across Illinois and 55% of the U.S. neighborhood. The median rental price in Harrison Park is $1,408. This makes it lower than 50% of Illinois neighborhoods.

The real estate in Harrison Park, located in Chicago area, is mainly small to medium-sized apartments. The majority of these homes are occupied by renters. The Harrison Park neighborhood is a great place to find some history. The houses in this community were constructed between 1939 and 1999, with many being relatively historical landmarks that pre-date 1970.

The Harrison Park neighborhood is a good option for bicycle commuters, as 8.9% of people here ride their bikes to work on any given day. This percentage far outweighs our findings in other neighborhoods across. If you’re looking for a place with great public transportation, look no further than this hip and happening neighborhood. More people here take the bus to work.

The Harrison Park neighborhood is a great place to live if you appreciate small 2, 3, or 4-unit apartment buildings. In this area, there are more of these compact living spaces than anywhere else in the country.

The Harrison Park neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for more people around you. The density of population here exceeds that in 96% of other U.S. cities, making it an excellent choice. This is a great neighborhood for those of you who love the history and charm that comes with old homes. With over 66% being built before 1939, there are plenty here to appreciate.

The Harrison Park community has more single mother households than 97% of all neighborhoods across America. This means that this area may be facing some tough times when it comes down to social issues like poverty and school dropouts, which can lead to worse criminal activity too.

The carless lifestyle of the Harrison Park neighborhood is an interesting trend in American society. 24 percent more people don’t own cars here than elsewhere.

The Harrison Park neighborhood is one of the unique neighborhoods you’ll ever come across. With more Mexican ancestry people living there than in nearly any other location in America.

The neighborhood of Harrison Park is not only pretty special linguistically, but it also has a high percentage of 71% who speak Spanish at home. This number exceeds the 97% found throughout all U.S. neighborhoods.

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