Gross Point Rd.

Skokie, Illinois, the bustling city, is home to many different neighborhoods. One such area can be found on  Gross Point Rd, an urban density population base.

The median home price on Gross Point Rd is $338,324, making it more expensive than 73% of neighborhoods in Illinois and 60% higher than all the neighborhoods in the country. The cost of renting in Gross Point Rd is higher than average for Illinois and the Midwest, but not as high compared to other parts or states across America. An analysis from NeighborhoodScout shows that you’ll pay $1,971 per month on Gross Point Rd, which makes it an entirely reasonable option given its close location proximity (just 20 miles)to Chicago’s downtown business district.

Gross Point Rd is home to some of the most beautiful real estate in America. With their sleek countertops and dark wood floors, the apartments are perfect examples that demonstrate how living on this street can be both modern and classic at once. There are many beautiful homes on Gross Point Rd. The terrain varies from small to medium-sized single-family houses, apartments with one or two bedrooms, and highrise apartment buildings that have more than just your basic three-bedroom setup.

There is a combination of homeowners and renters in this residential neighborhood. Many people live there because it’s close to many places, like jobs or schools; some have lived here for decades while others recently moved into their new homes. The age range across these neighborhoods varies greatly. Some houses are pretty old (built before 1940), while other properties dating back more than 50 years ago – making them perfect candidates if you’re looking toward investment property status without having too much maintenance work on hand each month.

The population of Gross Point Rd is smaller, and the demand for property here far exceeds what’s available. This has created an extremely tight housing market with high prices that can be difficult to afford or attain in this community. A low rate (3%) vacancy makes it hard for new people who want homes; however, there are still plenty left if you know where they exist.

This Skokie area neighborhood is upper-middle-class, making it an above-average income area. NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis reveals that these homes have higher incomes than 65% of the other neighborhoods across America. The majority of people in this neighborhood commute to work by driving alone. A significant percentage also take the train or carpool with coworkers for their daily commute. 

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