Grant Park/DePaul University

The median real estate price in Grant Park/DePaul University is $961,139, which makes it more expensive than 99% of the neighborhoods across Illinois and 94% across America. The cost of renting a home in this area is significantly higher than in most other neighborhoods around Illinois. The average rental price here at $3,494.

The real estate in Grant Park/ DePaul University, located in Chicago, Illinois area, is made up primarily of small to medium-sized apartments. Most are renter-occupied. This neighborhood is a great place to live. It has both newer homes that were built in 2000 or later as well as older ones, with some dating back before1940.

Vacant apartments are a major problem in Grant Park/ DePaul University. The current real estate vacancy rate here is 33%. This has been higher than the 95% average for all U.S. A significant number, 21%, are also occupied seasonally by tenants.

Vacation areas can sometimes experience an outbreak of Vacant Properties. This happens especially for neighborhoods that are populated mainly by college students since some apartments may be vacant during the off-season when schools aren’t in session, and people go on holiday abroad or take long vacations at home instead. If you live here year-round, it’s possible your building could have a number of empty units.

Located in one of America’s wealthiest communities, Grant Park/ DePaul University people are a part of some seriously rich neighborhoods. You know you’re among someone who made it when they move into this area because only 1.5% or less nationwide can boast of having more money than them.

The Grant Park/ DePaul University neighborhood is exceptionally well-maintained and maintains its value over time. The cars driven here are mostly luxury brands like Mercedes, Audi, and BMW Lexus.

This wealthy neighborhood has some of the best schools in America, and their preference for private preparatory education is clear. They’re not afraid to take advantage of quality; vacation spots like Disney or Europe are equally popular as summer destinations- displaying that this area knows how life should be enjoyed! As you would expect given its rating on child poverty, which is lower than most.

The nightlife in the Grant Park / DePaul University neighborhood is active, and there are plenty of opportunities to find romance. This area has a high proportion of young, single professionals. There are plenty of opportunities for flirting or finding romance at your fingertips.

In addition to being an excellent selection for young professionals, this neighborhood also has a very good level of education and intelligence.

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