Fulton Market

The median real estate price in Fulton Market / West Loop is $816,369, which makes it more expensive than 98.3% of the neighborhoods within Illinois and 91.8 percent across all 50 states.

The average rental price in Fulton Market / West Loop is $3,482. This number is higher than 99.3% of the neighborhoods across Illinois.

The Fulton Market / West Loop is one of the most densely populated areas in Chicago, Illinois. This neighborhood has an urban feel.

The neighborhood of Fulton Market / West Loop in Chicago is known for its small apartments to large ones. The market has something that best suits every lifestyle, from studio pads all the way up to four-bedroom houses.

The Fulton Market / West Loop neighborhood has a lot of different types of homes. There are newer ones that were built in 2000 or, more recently, older houses that date back before the 1940s.

The home and apartment vacancy rate in Fulton Market / West Loop is lower than 46.9% of the neighborhoods in America.

Wealth can make life a lot easier, but it also has its challenges. If you’re wealthy and enjoy keeping up with the Jones, then this neighborhood will be right up your alley. The Fulton Market / West Loop district is richer than 973%.neighborhoods in the United States.

The people living in this area are truly one of a kind, even when compared to other Americans. They have more wealth concentrated within their community than anywhere else – which means that no matter what happens with the economy around them, they will always be able to withstand tough times better than others because there’s something special about how much financial security comes naturally here.

It is really satisfying to know that in this wealthy neighborhood of Fulton Market / West Loop, there are very few children living below the poverty line.

The data shows that 84.1% of adults in this neighborhood have received at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree, which is higher than the average 32.1% of adults in all U.S neighborhoods.

The Fulton Market / West Loop neighborhood is one of the most exclusive and refined areas in Chicago. It’s not surprising that more “urban sophisticates” live here than 97% of other neighborhoods across America! Some common activities for this popular crowd include opening night at ballet or symphony performances.

The people who call themselves urban sophisticates often share commonalities, including an appreciation for artsy things.

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