Forest Edge

Woodridge, IL, is home to the forested Forest Edge neighborhood. This area has a higher population density than most parts of town and therefore can sometimes feel like one big tree farm with all its green space.

Forest Edge is an expensive neighborhood compared to the rest of Illinois and across America. The median price for homes here sits at $344,475 – which makes it 83% more costly than average compared with other areas around Illinois as well 64% points greater when considering only non-million dollar properties in the country.

The cost of renting in this Forest Edge neighborhood is higher than 75% of other areas. The average rental price has been calculated at $1,809 based on exclusive data from NeighborhoodScout’s extensive analysis and research services for these locations across Illinois. The statistics show that while some may be cheaper or more expensive per square foot when you consider all factors such as size requirements together with required amenities offered by landlords, then there isn’t much difference between them overall, so everyone might want to look into what they offer before choosing one over another.

Forest Edge is a neighborhood in the city of Chicago. The streets are lined with single-family homes and apartment complexes, some of which have been around for years while others only dated back just decades ago. Forest Edge is a great place to live if you’re looking for classic single-family homes with plenty of space. There are also some excellent high-rise apartments nearby, so this will work well.

Forest Edge is a diverse area of the city with many different types and homes. Many residents enjoy living there, as it has an old-fashioned charm that reminds them more about what life used be like before. While a mixture of owners and renters occupies most residential real estate in the Forest Edge neighborhood, some established homes were built between 1940-1969.

The ratio of available homes to those who want them in this area is low, which could mean that prices will have room for growth. On the other hand, so many people looking at moving here might indicate demand on top of what’s already a high-normal amount among comparable neighborhoods across America. Having more vacancies than usual may also hint at future construction projects or even rent increases as developers see an opportunity within Forest Edge.

The neighbors in this Woodridge neighborhood are some of America’s wealthiest when it comes to income. The exclusive Forest Edge area has a higher than average household earnings level than 15% of all neighborhoods in the USA.

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