DuPage County Historical Museum

The DuPage County Historical Museum, located in Wheaton, IL area, is a treasure trove of history and culture. The old building it’s housed in used to be known as the Adams Memorial Library, but now has been lovingly restored by those who care deeply for its legacy.

The DuPage County Historical Museum houses a collection of historical items that tell the many stories from our past. Originally built as part of a library, it now stands on its own and serves not only those who live in or visit nearby communities but people all across Illinois.

The DuPage County Historical Museum is a museum dedicated to preserving the history of our community. It was erected in 1891 by John Quincy Adams as an act honoring his late wife, Marilla Phipps-Adams.

When the new and spacious library was being erected, it became clear that this building would not be able to house all of its historical materials. The society recognized what a missed opportunity they were passing up on so instead decided to open up a museum in 1967 with many rooms stuffed full from floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with books about DuPage County’s rich history.

The DuPage County Historical Museum is a must-see for any history buff, with its Richardsonian Romanesque design by Charles Sumner Frost making it one of the most architecturally fascinating museums in all Illinois.

The DuPage County Historical Museum, situated at 102 E Wesley St, Wheaton, IL 60187-5321, is the only institution dedicated to collecting and preserving material culture from throughout this area. It functions as both an educational resource for locals but also allows visitors outside of Illinois to get a taste of the beautiful local heritage.

The DuPage County Historical Society has been collecting history since 1929, and now you can see it all in one place. The collections at this museum represent artifacts that have come from various sources, including those collected by the society itself or even just casual donations. You’ll also find historical items dating back decades stored away for future generations to enjoy—don’t miss out on your chance if these gems are something that sparks up curiosity with you.

When you visit the DuPage County Historical Museum, your experience will be more than just history. You’ll see how our past has shaped us today through artifacts and exhibits that document over one hundred years in Illinois’ richly diverse cultural landscape. You can find everything here that documents our own town’s story as well as Illinois’ role in history.

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