Downtown Schaumburg

The median real estate price in Downtown Schaumburg is $282,857, which makes it more expensive than 66.8% of the neighborhoods across Illinois and 53.5 percent throughout America. The cost of renting an apartment in this area is significantly more expensive than in most other parts of the state.

Renters will need to pay $2 429 for a space downtown – which surpasses 90% percent of all Illinois neighborhoods. The downtown area in Schaumburg, Illinois, is a suburban neighborhood based on population density.

The Downtown Schaumburg neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes and townhomes. The area has an established feel with many older properties that were built between the 1970s through 1999, but there’s also some newer construction Too. The Downtown Schaumburg real estate market has a 7.0% vacancy rate, which is lower than the average of 60.3%. This may be due to its high demand and price appreciation over time, which signals the potential for either increased construction or housing products.

The Downtown Schaumburg neighborhood is a great place to live if you love row houses and attached homes. Row after row, the buildings make up this old-fashioned but charming atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else in America! And with 30.4% of all residential real estate here categorized as such, You’ll never run out either when it comes down to how many there are for your family’s needs or wants.

The Downtown Schaumburg neighborhood is home to more people with Polish and Hungarian roots than any other American community. 14.3% of the residents here have at least one parent who belongs to these two groups, which makes for a rich cultural experience in this area. The downtown area of Schaumburg is home to many different cultures and languages. Significantly, 9.9% of residents speak Langs from India in their homes which makes it higher than 99.2 percent of neighborhoods all over America.

The Downtown Schaumburg neighborhood has some of the shortest commutes in America. The average traveler spends only 15-30 minutes on their daily commute, which is shorter than what most people spend at work every day.

The Downtown Schaumburg neighborhood in Illinois has a large Asian population, with 23.9% identifying their ethnicity or ancestry as such; there are also people from Polish backgrounds accounting for 14%, and those who report Irish roots alongside German ones at 11%. Additionally, 35.6 percent were born outside America.

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