The median real estate price in DePaul is $953,991, which makes it a bit more expensive than 98.9% of the neighborhoods found within Illinois and 94% across all states in America. The average rental fee in DePaul is currently $1,681.00; this is higher than 69% of Illinois neighborhoods.

DePaul is a large and diverse city with small to medium-sized apartments that can accommodate many different lifestyles. The majority of these housing options are occupied by owner-occupied homeowners or renters. The DePaul neighborhood is a historical district with many old homes. Some buildings here date back as far as 1939, and some were built only between 1940 – and 1969.

The DePaul neighborhood in the U.S. has some of the lowest rates for children living below poverty, which is incredible when you consider that 1 out 4 kids are doing so. With 36.9% of adults in the DePaul neighborhood having earned an advanced degree, it is clear that this area has more power than most others around Chicago.

In the DePaul neighborhood, 48.8% of people ride trains to work each day which is a very high percentage compared with most places around America! This level of train ridership here far exceeds that found in 98% of U.S. neighborhoods.

It’s no secret that the DePaul neighborhood has a high proportion of executives, managers, and professionals. This stands at 68%, which is higher than what can be found in 96% of U.S. neighborhoods.

The DePaul neighborhood is a great place for people who love the hustle and bustles of city life. In this neighborhood, 25951 people are living in a square mile. That’s more than the average population density for all neighborhoods in America. Being a Walkable neighborhood, Depaul is a perfect place to live if you enjoy walking around and taking in your surroundings. There is always something about being able to walk that makes us feel connected with our environment, as well as gives property values an extra boost.

The DePaul neighborhood has an unusual pattern of car ownership. 20% percent of the households here don’t own a vehicle, which is more than average for U.S. neighborhoods.

The DePaul neighborhood has more Croatians and Dutchmen living in it than nearly any other place across America! 1% of the population here is composed solely of Croatian ancestors, while 4.3% are direct descendants from The Netherlands.

There is a lot of interesting things about DePaul that make it special. For one, 2% or more residents five years old and above primarily speak French at home, That’s higher than 95% of U.S. neighborhoods.

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