DePaul Southeast

The median price of a home in DePaul Southeast is $1,422,242, making it more expensive than 99% percent of neighborhoods across Illinois and 95% across America. In addition, the cost of renting a home in DePaul Southeast is higher than 97.2% of other neighborhoods across Illinois, with the average rental price being $2,970.

The DePaul Southeast neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois, is a heavily populated area. The area contains primarily small to medium-sized apartments rented out by their tenants, with the majority being renter-occupied homes.

The DePaul Southeast neighborhood is a historical area where the homes were built no later than 1939 and, in some cases, much earlier. There’s a mix between newer construction from 1970 – 1999 as well.

The current vacancy rate in DePaul Southeast is 1.7%, which means that there are fewer properties available than desired by residents looking for homes to buy or rent right now because of this very tight housing supply compared with their demand.

The DePaul Southeast community is one of the wealthiest communities in America, and it’s not hard to see why. In fact, a mere 2% of homes here are richer than in this area. The real estate here has been well kept over time- so even if you’re looking for something new today, there will be few headaches when your purchase goes up tomorrow as far as resale values go with these people

This means that any home bought now would still retain most or all of its value at the next decade’s turnaround point.

Luxury cars are the norm in this community, as residents prefer to drive luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz or BMW. If public schools aren’t up to keep with what you need for your child’s education? They’ll send them off privately so they can get a good head start on their future career path! Vacations include trips down to Disney but also hotter destinations such as Europe during summertime.

The area’s reputation for economic success is clearly evident in its low rates of child poverty.

The DePaul Southeast neighborhood in Chicago has a high level of educational achievement, with 92.4% of adult residents have earned at least one bachelor’s degree.

Incorporated into this neighborhood is a group of people who have more refined tastes than 97.9% percent of America’s neighborhoods. They are an exclusive community characterized by their culture and means to live well- regardless if they’re near or far from big cities.

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