Dempster Street

Located in Skokie, Illinois, is the Dempster Street. This bustling neighborhood serves as an urban neighborhood based on population density and features many different types of businesses for any interest or need you might have: hospitals, including Northwestern University Medical Center. The neighborhood boasts of schools such as Lincoln Park High School, with over 30000 enrolled students every year since its founding.

Dempster St is a street filled with single-family homes and small apartments. The majority of these buildings have three or four bedrooms, but there are also studios that can suit your needs if you’re looking for something more compact. Dempster St. neighborhood is an old-fashioned, classic place with many homes dating back to before the Second World War. While there are some newer construction projects in this district, you will undoubtedly notice how much character remains from these earlier years. Most residents here still own their property instead of renting it out as renters do nowadays.

The homes in this neighborhood have a range of ages, from new construction to century-old properties. However, one thing that stands out about them is their concentration of residential real estate built between 1940 and 1969–generally considered older models with well-established roots in history.

There’s a low vacancy rate in the Dempster St. neighborhood, with 7.6% homes and apartments available for rent according to NeighborhoodScout analysis; this is lower than 56% of the rest of the nation. The neighborhood is middle range compared against other areas across America.

With a median real estate price of $375,408 (which is more expensive than 82% of the neighborhoods in Illinois and 67%). Dempster St has some seriously high-end stuff going on over here– but don’t worry: we’ve got your back with our handy guide that will let everyone know exactly what they need for any budget.

The cost of renting in this neighborhood is higher than 79.5% of the communities in Illinois. The average rental price across Dempster St reported by NeighborhoodScout today is $1;936 per month, making it one notable location for those looking to rent an apartment. Your stay here provides you with new surroundings. It gives opportunities like never before when considering how much things have changed since moving into different areas after settling down.

The neighbors in the Dempster St. neighborhood of Skokie are upper-middle income, making it an above-average income area for this type of residence. The exclusive analysis by NeighborhoodScout reveals that this particular community has a higher per capita cash flow when compared to 77% percent of other neighborhoods across America. 

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