Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park

The Chicago suburbs are a hot spot for outdoor pools. Since June, Woodridge’s Cypress Cove has been open and will be throughout the summer break, with an additional holiday weekend – making it the perfect destination any time of year.

The park has a unique bayou theme and features large wading pools with zero-depth entry six lanes for programming or playing in the water or land to build sandcastles. There’s also an accessible spray playground complete of all sorts of little kid favorites, such as slides and play structures that create tsunami-like waves when it’s time to take your child out into nature without having them get wet at any point.

The newest water park in town has a theme that is sure to keep you calm and relaxed. The large wading pool with zero-depth entry, a six-lane programmable swimming area for all ages (including little ones), 600 ft long lazy river complete with crocodile inflatable boats or tube rides on your own. And don’t forget about Pelican Plunge–a beautiful hydraulic jump slide perfect after lunchtime fun at home when it’s hot outside but not inside enough yet because this place rocks air conditioning like crazy here too.

If you want a tasty snack or refreshing, hand-dipped ice cream, you’ve got the Swamp Shack Cafe and Snapper’s SnackShack that are close by. The kids can enjoy wiggling their toes in the sand, building a castle to the sky, or just covering an unsuspecting swimmer with grains of this fine golden powder. It doesn’t matter how you use it; all that matters is taking some time for fun.

The zero-depth pool is a great way to get started with swimming. Just wade right in and enjoy the cool water on your summer day. For smaller children, there’s an adorable kiddie slide located near shallow waters that will keep them occupied while older kids have fun playing around too – especially if they like risky activities such as diving from heights or practicing underwater hockey moves here at Cypress Cove.

You’ll definitely feel like royalty as you float down the 600-foot lazy river around Crocodile Isle on your inner tube without any cares in this world. It’s a fantastic way to take it all in and enjoy Cypress Cove. When you’re ready to cool off, head down the river and into Cajun Creek. There are three water slides before your plunge: one that takes you under an old bridge searching for adventure; another where we keep it low-key with just enough spray to not be too overwhelming but still refreshing.

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