Coventry / Wheaton Crossing

Coventry / Wheaton Crossing is a suburban neighborhood in the city of Wheaton, Illinois. This area has many large homes and small-scale condos that are perfect for anyone who wants more space with fewer traffic headaches. This suburban neighborhood offers some relief with its more laid-back vibe and boasts more beautiful scenery than most other neighborhoods across Wheaton, IL area.

The median real estate price in Coventry / Wheaton Crossing is higher than most areas across Illinois and America. If you’re looking to find a place that is more expensive than average, then look no further. The median real estate value in Coventry / Wheaton Crossing neighborhood ($402K) makes it one of the most expensive areas across Illinois and America. In fact, here, the real estate price is more expensive than 81.5% of the communities across Illinois and 68.1% of the neighborhoods across the U.S.

The Coventry / Wheaton Crossing neighborhood is among the most expensive rental areas in Illinois. The average rental cost for a home currently stands at $2,731 – much higher than 95 percent of other neighborhoods around the state.

The Coventry / Wheaton Crossing neighborhood is a great place to live, with plenty of space for you and your family. There are multiple different types of homes available, from small one-bedroom apartments all the way up through five bedrooms houses. The area has some truly beautiful properties that vary in size and price range, making it easy for everyone.

The Coventry / Wheaton Crossing neighborhood is a great place for those who love this modern yet timeless design. Many of the area’s homes were built between 1970 and 1999, with some dating back even further than that. There’s plenty to see here whether you’re looking at older buildings or new construction – there really isn’t any age limit on what types of properties people think will fit their needs best.

The neighborhood of Coventry / Wheaton Crossing is known for its high rates of owner-occupied housing. This area has a higher rate than 95 percent found in other U.S. neighborhoods, and that could be why so many people living here are long-term residents who have grown up with the community’s values. This means there aren’t many rentals available, but if you’re looking to buy them, then this might just suit your needs perfectly.

The people in the Coventry/Wheaton Crossing neighborhood are some of the wealthiest, making it among 15% of highest income neighborhoods across America. This area has average household incomes that exceed 94% of other American communities.

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