Cloverdale is a great place to live if you’re looking for history and charm. It’s also just minutes away from some of Illinois’ most beautiful landscapes, like the Recourse Waterway or World Tone Music Center. Cloverdale is a quiet yet crowded neighborhood (based on population density) located in Bloomingdale, IL. In this small town, you will find everything from large houses to tiny apartments; everyone has their own story about what makes them happy or fulfilled, but some common threads run through all these people’s lives – family nearness being one such thing.

Cloverdale is a beautiful city with many different types of real estate. Some homes range from small apartment complexes to huge mansions and everything in between. Cloverdale has such variety because it’s home for those who want an easy-going life and people looking forward to achieving their dream goal- whether it’s buying property or building equity by investing wisely in this land asset which can provide sustenance during difficult times when other methods may fail them.

The Cloverdale area is one of the most sought-after areas in Illinois for its low crime rates and beautiful scenery. There are many homes to choose from, whether you’re looking for a cozy three-bedroom house or a spacious high-rise apartment with breathtaking views overlooking Bloomingdale. In addition, lots are going on here that will interest anyone -Cloverdales has everything someone could need. It doesn’t get better than this from great schools (and excellent public transportation) plus plenty of shops/restaurants nearby.

The Cloverdale neighborhood is where you can find both old and new homes. Many residents in this area have been there for decades. In contrast, others recently moved here or are still fixing up their houses from before they were built during an earlier era when architecture styles varied more between neighborhoods than today’s cookie-cutter builds do nowadays.

The median home price in Cloverdale is $420,688, making it more expensive than 86% of homes across America and 71% higher than the rest of the nation. This data shows us one important fact: this neighborhood’s real estate prices are skyrocketing. With an average price of $2,429 per month to rent in Cloverdale and a higher rate than 90% of communities across Illinois, it’s no surprise that this area is one many people prefer.

The residents of this leafy Bloomingdale neighborhood are among the most well-to-do in America. Home to some wealthy and elegant folks who enjoy a higher income than 85% of other neighborhoods across our great country. 

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