Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park

Situated at 201 Schaumburg Court, Schaumburg, IL 60193, the Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park is an awesome place to visit if you’re in the area. It’s one of my favorite attractions because there are so many sculptures, paintings, and other art pieces that it will make your head spin. The Atcher Municipal Center Grounds has some really cool scenery, too – especially when light shines onto them at just about any time during day or night thanksgiving weekend.

With 20 acres of beautiful scenery, the Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park is an ideal place to take in some art. Stretching from forests and meadows dotted with great sculptures created by local artists or international ones alike, this park will leave you feeling overwhelmed at how incredible it really was.

Visitors to the Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park will be blown away by some of their most impressive works. One such sculpture is a group that depicts an abstract human form with industrial designs, which can easily qualify as one for art lovers and collectors alike.

The International Sculpture Park not only has an amazing collection of sculptures but also allows you to enjoy them while laid out in the grass. A woman’s figure buried deep within its green scenery is one such piece that will haunt your dreams for years after seeing it up close.

The International Sculpture Park is a haven for art enthusiasts and sculptors alike. The grounds contain many pieces created by well-known artists such as Dennis Oppenheim, Charles de Montaigu, Nina Levy, and Jerzy Kenar, just to name a few.

The Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park is a perfect destination for anyone who’s looking to spend their day exploring the arts. There are plenty of interactive maps available at the entrance, so you don’t miss any works from your favorite artists, and it’s open until sunset without an entry fee. This makes this spot affordable even if on tighten budget travels abroad with friends or family members anymore – because let’s be honest here: sometimes trips get away from us before we ever pack our bags (and wallets).

In the garden, you’ll find sculptures by international and American artists. Most were bought during a period when this area was industrial with an abstract aesthetic; however, there are some that emulate more traditional pieces like the Stonehenge-like configuration known as Vineland made by Norwegian artist Jarle Rosseland which depicts his own ship used for discovering America centuries ago.

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