Chesterfield Heights / Wheaton College

The Chesterfield Heights / Wheaton neighborhood of Wheaton, Illinois, may be one place you’ve never heard about before. It’s an urban area that offers many amenities for those who want it all, with easy access to major roads that lead right into downtown Wheaton. The neighborhoods around this area offer something different than most others in Illinois; there’s plenty going on outside your doorstep.

The median real estate price in the Chesterfield / Wheaton neighborhood is $425,810, which makes it more expensive than 85.9% of neighborhoods across Illinois and 71.8 percent nationwide.

The average rental price in the Chesterfield Heights/Wheaton College neighborhood is $1,554. This is higher than in 60.2% of all other areas within Illinois and makes it one worth considering if you’re looking for space with good access to public transportation as well.

The real estate in the  Chesterfield Heights / Wheaton College neighborhood is largely made up of medium-sized homes with three to four bedrooms. There are also some single-family properties, apartment complexes/high-rise apartments for rent on the market today.

The Chesterfield Heights / Wheaton College neighborhood is a popular choice for college students because it has everything they need. It’s walkable and safe, which means that you won’t have to worry about getting scholarly or athletic work done when your feet are tired from walking around campus all day long.

The neighborhood of Chesterfield Heights / Wheaton College is known for its large population enrolled in college, with 49.7% currently studying at one accredited institution or another. This makes the area much quieter during the summer months when most students leave town to go back home.

The college seasons in this area are wildly exciting, but there’s no need to worry about your children because of their safety. Not only does it have an above-average rating according to the state database on colleges and universities; additionally, many parents here also enjoy quality time with friends or family while watching them play sports at local parks.

The great thing about this beautiful neighborhood is that you can get out and walk to work. About 36% of residents here do their commuting on foot. That’s higher than 99 percent in most American cities, so we recommend packing your shoes for a visit here soon enough (or just move already).

The people who reside in this amazing neighborhood are well-off upper-middle-class Americans. They make more money than 84% of other American neighborhoods, and they enjoy a higher income level compared to most places across America as well.

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