Centennial Beach

The Centennial Beach swimming pool, located near the shaded path of Naperville’s Riverwalk, is a unique creation. This old quarry has been renovated to create an exquisite leisure spot for residents who live in this picturesque town.

Centennial Beach is an ideal spot to take it easy on a hot day. You’ll find yourself surrounded by natural, green scenery as you splash around in the refreshing water of this unique swimming pool created from historic stone quarry debris.

Centennial Beach is a massive swimming space with deep water that goes to 15 feet. It has sand and lawn areas for laying down your towel, making it perfect whether you’re just lounging around or want some more serious exercise.

The beautiful Centennial Beach is a popular destination for people of all ages. A number of families flock there during the summer months, as do swimmers and sunbathers alike. One way you can enjoy this beautiful beach without having any regrets about your sunscreen choice or which side washes up against waves first – make sure to stop by one (or more) these attractions near shorelines when visiting our fine city. Here, you can find all kinds of floating attractions near the water, like waterslides and fountains.

Situated at 500 Jackson Avenue, Naperville, Illinois, Centennial Beach is a unique and popular destination for families with children. The expansive sandy beaches provide the ideal setting to host sandcastle competitions and volleyball games, which are enjoyed not only by residents but also visitors from all around.

There is no summer without the sound of waves lapping at Centennial Beach. The long history as a family favorite adds to its popularity and makes any visit special for those who come here, whether they’re celebrating something or simply catching up with friends over some refreshments by one of these fantastic beach bars.

Jump into the water at Centennial Beach and explore your wild side. The historic stone quarry is not a swimming pool or lake, but it’s an experience like no other. Swim in zero-depth entry with depths up to 15 feet deep for that extra thrill of adventure before reaching shore.

For generations, the picturesque Centennial Beach has been a popular local “swimming hole” for Naperville residents and their guests. It is often used as an opportunity to meet friends or gather with family members while simply relaxing in the sun near water that reaches up almost to your shoulders.

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