Cardinal Drive

Cardinal Drive is a perfect neighborhood for those who want more space than downtown offers but still have easy access by car or public transit. The population of Cardinal Drive ranges from medium-high, making it an ideal spot with approximately 4500 people per square mile living on this strip.

With a median real estate price of $324000, Cardinal Dr. is more expensive than 60% of the neighborhoods around Illinois and 51% higher than other parts of America. This high costliness can be attributed to its proximity with Bloomingdale area code and downtown Chicago where employment rates are also relatively high – factors lead many people who live here into affluent lifestyles.

On an otherwise equivalent block in Cardinal Drive, you’ll pay 33% more for a two-bedroom apartment or house than anywhere else in Illinois. There is something about this neighborhood worth checking out. Rent prices differ significantly between neighborhoods within any city- and when compared to other cities across Illinois, the median rental price here is 26% higher than other neighborhoods in the country.

With the price of privacy in downtown Chicago varying wildly, it is essential to find yours that matches this demand. The analysis by NeighborhoodScout shows us how much people are willing to pay when they want some degree of access into our major city; however, these values can change depending upon location, so make sure you check before moving forward.

This is a residential area. The main drag, Cardinal Dr., has medium-sized to large single-family homes with three or four bedrooms in them and apartment complexes/high rise apartments that range from one-bedroom down through five bedrooms at the largest ones you’ll find here on this street. There’s also quite an assortment depending upon what kind of space suits your needs – whether its something small enough for younger children who are just starting their lives together as well having their own home; Or if more roominess will suffice but without breaking bank accounts too badly during buying time (we know how expensive things get these days).

This area offers a perfect balance of modern luxury homes with affordability. The residential real estate here is primarily owner-occupied, many established between 1970 and 1999; however, some were built as early as 1940 or later, still undergoing renovations to give them their current look.

The people who live in the Cardinal Drive neighborhood are some of the wealthiest and most successful. That’s because this area has one of 15% higher income rates than other areas do, which means they can afford higher rent or houses for their money. 

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