Bowlero Woodridge

When Tom Shannon purchased the original Bowlmor Lanes in 1997, he revolutionized the bowling industry. His vision for upscale bowling and events turned it into a popular nightlife hotspot that catapulted him onto the national stage, where new locations were opened throughout the US because of a success story like this one.

2013 saw Bowlmor purchasing AMF bowling centers, which rescued the company from bankruptcy and expanded its portfolio to hundreds of locations across America. That same year they launched Bowlero – a dynamic new brand that would take bowling beyond anything fans had imagined before. This acquisition united two longstanding industries competitors for what seemed like an unbreakable merger; it made headlines again just one year later when Brunswick Corporation sold its center business over.

Since its inception, the company has been evolving, with significant acquisitions leading to its current name. In 2019 they made another big acquisition—the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). With partners at FOX Sports reenergizing this sport for millions of fans across America and bringing it into mainstream culture like never before. Today there are over 8 thousand employees working hard each day, ensuring that people everywhere have access not just locally but also globally through their networked locations around planet Earth which numbering 12000.

What are you waiting for? Get to have a feel of the latest trend in bowling alleys – Bowlero. With state-of-the-art lights and lounge seats, they have everything to satisfy even those looking for something more comfortable than their average alley. Whether it be HD video walls playing all of our favorite sports moments or live musical performances set against gorgeous scenery, there will always be something new here every time we visit this unique spot. A great place where people can go when desire fulfillments need fulfilling is inside one’s own backyard–especially if said backyard happens also include an awesomely designed layout perfecting such activities as billiards.

The best way to spend a day is playing video games at Bowlero Woodridge. This deluxe arcade has all you need for some classic and new favorites with a fantastic selection of titles, including Mario Kart, World’s Largest Pac-Man, etc., so come on down today. Whether you and your friends are looking for the thrill of a good game of pool or just want to show off your billiard skills, their premium cloth-covered tables are perfect. With three levels that can accommodate up to six players at once (perfect if there’s more than one billiard enthusiast in the group), this venue offers an excellent environment where everyone will have fun playing different games like eight-ball tournaments and snooker.

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