Bloomingdale Park District Museum

There is no village in America that has a more historical setting than Old Town. The oldest and first permanent building is the First Baptist Church of Christ (1849). This historic building has served Bloomingdale for centuries, first as a schoolhouse and then becoming the Township Office around 1900. In addition to its official duties, it also housed jail cells that were added almost 100 years ago.

The building has been an essential part of history for over fifty years. The Bloomingdale Park District acquired it in 1963, and it’s hosted many exhibits that showcase both local culture and international art from around the world. This is the perfect place to learn about Bloomingdale’s history, and there are also up to seven art exhibits a year. The most recent one features work done by local organizations like BAA.

Fine arts and culture began to flourish in the early 80s. A significant restoration occurred back then, which included an addition of art gallery spaces and much else that was restored or refurbished. The building was bought by the Bloomingdale Park District in 1968 and has hosted exhibits since 1980. It’s one of few buildings left that were built for residential use back when there were farms on this land, making it all too enjoyable to explore.

This building has a rich history. It was sold to the Bloomingdale Park District in 1965 for $1, and it soon began offering programs that residents loved. The fine arts and cultural exhibits that have been present for quite some time now are starting to bring considerable impact on the city. A major restoration occurred in 1998, which included an art gallery addition; additionally, much of the original architecture was also restored or refurbished. The Bloomingdale Park District Museum is an award-winning historical landmark that has been home to five or seven different exhibits throughout the years, and it’s a museum you’ll find near your house.

Visitors to the Bloomingdale Park District Museum can see exhibits, attend events at their local museum, and access educational programs. The collection is supported through ticket sales and membership or fundraising efforts for this non-profit organization that strives to promote research and public education about the history around Illinois’ capital city of Springfield. 

The Bloomingdale Park District Museum is located at 108 S. Bloomingdale Road, Bloomingdale, IL 60108. It is available for all the residents of Bloomingdale as well as tourists who are interested in learning about the rich history of Bloomingdale and Illinois as a whole.

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