Blackwell Forest Preserve

The beautiful and serene 1,366-acre Blackwell Forest Preserve in Warrenville is among the District’s most popular forest preserves. It has been repeatedly voted among Illinois’ best forests preserve seven years running.

Parts of this forest are off-leash, so your pet can run around without worry. There’s a fishing pond and archery facility available for those who like to hunt with their own hands or even just appreciate nature from afar.

The rustic picnic shelters here provide you ample space during inclement weather while also offering books that might be interesting in terms of fiction writing material – something different than what most people would think about when they hear “camping.”

The entire preserve is a haven for wildlife, from turkey to deer and everything in between. Opened up by gentle hills that offer plenty of space to roam free or nestle close beneath the trees depending on what you’re looking forward to – whether its hunting grounds or just some peace & quiet time out there under these vast open skies with nothing but nature surrounding your every move.

The diverse forests of Blackwell are a haven for nature lovers. From oak and hickory woodlands to prairies, these natural spaces attract all sorts of wildlife – including turkeys, deer (and their fawns), bald eagles, or great blue herons hunting among the cottonwoods on freshwater rivers flooded by rains each summer.

Situated at Mack Rd and Williams Rd, Wheaton, IL 60189, the Blackwell Forest Preserve is a unique spot for naturalists and nature enthusiasts. North of Mack Road, you’ll find trails that lead into vernal ponds where northern Leopard Frogs breed along with other animal species such as blue-winged teals or wood ducks.

The trails at Blackwell Forest Preserve are great for a variety of different activities. You can walk, jog or bike on most parts in this preserve but be aware that there may also be horseback riding areas if you bring your own animal with its own trailer, so make sure to park it accordingly.

Picnicking is among the best ways to enjoy nature. There are dozens of picnic tables and grassy areas where you can spread a blanket, or if it’s too warm for that, there are always ground fires. You’re allowed with grills at Blackwell Forest Preserve but be aware that hot coal containers will be available, so make sure your food doesn’t get burned by accident (just like what happened last time).

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