Billy Graham Center

Wheaton College is known for its private, Christian school, and it has a great reputation. The U.S News ranked this institution as one of America’s Best Colleges in both undergraduate program (liberal arts) or graduate studies engineering/science; Wheaton College draws 2400 students each year.

The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College is a place where many notable alumni have studied, including Billy Graham himself. Alongside him are graduates who went on to become famous in their own rights – such as Wes Craven and John Piper.

The Billy Graham Center, located in Wheaton, is a place where you can go to learn more about Jesus and His love. The center teaches followers of Christ how they may share this message with others in an increasingly secular world that seems apathetic or even opposed to religion altogether.

Christ-followers are called to show the love of Jesus in a broken world. The Billy Graham Center helps you do just that by providing resources for engagement, education about spiritual disciplines like prayer and evangelism, along with events geared towards teams or individuals who want more confidence when sharing their faith out loud.

The Billy Graham Center is a Christian research institute that gathers leaders and shares their findings. They have communities built around the curriculum for Christians who want to grow in faith, learn more about other religions, or just engage with people from different backgrounds.

The Billy Graham Center offers a variety of resources for students and churches on our Wheaton campus. They host training sessions in church settings, classrooms as well as conference rooms that can be used by any organization looking to have their event or meeting held here.

The beautiful Billy Graham Center is an organization that not only publishes books but also produces materials for spreading Christianity. The center has published tools like mentorship programs and training videos aimed at evangelizing people with the same beliefs as you have.

The Billy Graham Center has an impressive museum inside with artifacts, photographs, and other memorabilia that honor the life of America’s most famous evangelist. Visitors can see how Billy Graham has impacted world history through his work as both a Christian speaker who changed hearts across cultures and also an adventurer-inventor responsible for creating instant theology programs used today by Christians everywhere.

Situated at 500 College Ave, Wheaton, IL 60187, Billy Graham Center helps pastors to become conversion communities where churched and de-churring people come together. The Billy Graham Center is researching evangelism strategies within predominantly African American church environments while also being a resource for those who want help in revitalizing their own congregations with the goal of making them “conversion factories.”

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