Ball Factory Playground

The Ball Factory Playground offers a unique experience for parents with young kids. With an extensive menu of activities, it’s the perfect spot to take them when you need some family time.

The Ball Factory is a great place to spend time with kids between the age of 0.5 to 12yrs. Not only will you be able to teach them new skills, but it’s also an opportunity for some quality family bonding.

The Ball Factory has a huge indoor playground with all sorts of cool equipment, slides, and balls! If you’re looking for somewhere safe to explore or play games, then this is it. Your child will love exploring their creativity through various activities at the factory while also making friends along the way, too, so get down here now before they run out.

The Ball Factory is a fantastic place to take your child. With attractions including parent and baby area, four-level play complex with imagination playgrounds for maximum creativity; slides galore as well as beanbag tosses or blaster ball games – there’s something here perfect no matter what they’re into. A café on site means you can enjoy some refreshments while waiting in line at one of many attractions before getting back outside again (or indoors if it starts raining).

Situated at 864 Illinois Rte 59, Naperville, IL 60540, the Ball Factory Playground is the perfect spot for parents looking to relax while still keeping their kids entertained. The facility offers many different things that any family can enjoy, including inflatables and other play areas where children will be happy enough without being placed in front of a TV all day.

Your children can have a blast at the Ball Factory Playground in Naperville, IL area. The indoor play area has something for everyone, including slides and areas designed especially with toddlers or those who love playing ball. You’ll also find plenty of packages available, so you don’t need any additional events planned besides your child’s birthday party – they will be entertained all day long.

The Ball Factory is also a great place to go if you want some time for yourself and your family. With freshly brewed coffee on hand, as well tasty snacks like paninis or cold bottled water available throughout the facility, there’s no need to worry about getting bored while waiting around in line at this playground.

Fun things to do at the ball factory playground are slides, large blocks that need stacking up high enough so they can jump over them with ease. There are also kiddie tractors for little children who don’t want a full-size vehicle but still enjoy riding around on something sturdy and stable like an adult would ride in her cart or chair.

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