Athletics Recreation Center

The Athletics Recreation Center in Woodridge is a great place to go for all sorts of activities. It features an indoor turf field, a multi-court gymnasium with a running track, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. You can also take classes in a ropes course or work out at their amazing facility while doing many other things like reading books from our library collection that will help you get your mind off things when it gets too hard on outside activity.

Williams Architects was commissioned to create a process for the Woodridge Park District to find solutions that would benefit them. The resulting ARC has many features such as spectators stands and bleachers, changing rooms with toilet facilities attached, an audiovisual room complete with professional production equipment, including screening surfaces large enough for movie nights outdoors on summer days.

The design team at Williams worked alongside our clients’ needs while staying true to their vision of what this space should be – not just something you go into but also come out feeling proud about having spent time there because every detail counts when building relationships between people who frequent these types recreational facilities.

The ARC in Woodridge provides much-needed indoor athletic and fitness programs. The complex includes a gymnasium, turf area for soccer or football practices under the roofing with a running track around its exterior walls as well; an overhead ropes course that can be set up on any open floor within this building if you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping without leaving our facility. In addition, there are group X studios where people come together from all walks of life- even different neighborhoods within the town -to do whatever they desire: whether workout at home alone or working out in groups.

The ARC Fitness club requires Group X classes to maintain a safe distance between participants and face coverings. Reservations for these sessions are recommended but not required; all members with the addition will have unlimited access to the group exercise class.

If you love playing sports, the ARC has something for every kind of athlete. You can find leagues and events that range from soccer to lacrosse. For those looking more active indoors, rugby pitch as well- with no punch clock this time around, it will be all about strategy over speed (although both still involve physicality). Outside on their fields, they host football games involving lots of running backs past angry, defensive lines – if hard tackling isn’t enough, try their softball or even baseball courts.

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