Ashbury/Rose Hill Farms

The median price of homes in Ashbury/Rose Hill Farms is $527,094, which makes it more expensive than 92.5% percent of all neighborhoods within Illinois and 80.3%, compared to other American cities.

The average rental price in Ashbury / Rose Hill Farms is $2,966. This means that renting a home here will cost you more than 97.0% of other neighborhoods across Illinois.

The area of Naperville, known as Ashbury / Rose Hill Farms, is an urban neighborhood based on population density.

The real estate market in Ashburry/Rose Hill Farms is varied. There are large homes with four or more bedrooms, as well single-family houses that range from smaller ones to medium size properties such the three-bedroom townhomes

There’s something here for everyone.

The population of Ashbury / Rose Hill Farms is largely owner-occupied. The neighborhood has an established but not old feel with homes built between 1970-1999 most often found here, in addition to some newer constructions that were constructed after 2000 as well.

The housing market in this area has been especially tight. In fact, the current vacancy rate is just 1.2%. That’s lower than nearly every other neighborhood nationwide and means there aren’t many options available for people who want to buy or rent property here.

The real estate in this neighborhood is almost exclusively owner-occupied. There are very few rentals, so if you’re looking for an apartment, it may be difficult to find one, but the high rates of ownership often mean stability when renting a home or unit with roommates.

The Ashbury/Rose Hill Farms neighborhood is one of the biggest in America. Not only do you have a lot of large homes, but also lots with four bedrooms and more! When I walked around this area, it was easy to notice all these impressive properties because they’re so eye-catching.

What you’ll sense when looking around or driving the streets of this neighborhood is that many homes look alike because they were all built in one time period, between 1970 and 1999. In fact, nearly every other residential real estate here was created during these few decades.

Ashbury/Rose Hill Farms is the perfect place to call home if you’re looking for schools that will teach your child well and keep them safe. With low crime rates in this area, it’s impossible not to be pleased with what Ashburys many family-friendly features have created here.

The highly educated population, the close-knit community feel, and quality schools make this an excellent place for families with school-aged children as well! In addition, it’s a great spot if you’re looking to socialize or intellectualize your life.

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