Arthur L. Janura Preserve

The entire north side of Streamwood area is bounded by the Arthur L. Janura Preserve, a huge Cook County forest preserve.

The Arthur L. Janura Preserve is a hidden treasure trove of nature that includes wetland areas, open water with withdrawing tours, and restored prairies harboring mature oaks dating back three centuries ago when it was still farmland.

The protected land provides habitat for many plants & animals, including turtles in their natural environs, but also offers scenic views from across the preserve onto downtown Chicago’s skyline.

The Arthur L. Janura Preserve is a haven for wildlife in the spring and summer, with stunning color across its prairie landscape that includes wildflowers like false indigo (a type of blue flower), coneflowers, and trilliums blooming together on this preserve.

The beautiful and serene Arthur L. Janura Preserve is a perfect destination for nature lovers who want to get away from it all. The Poplar Creek Trail runs around the preserve’s perimeter and has easy access points such as Streamwood at Bode Lake or Bartlett Road near Schaumburg road – so you’ll never need your car again if you are paranoid about getting stuck out there by yourself (although I’m sure whatever happens will be well worth any adventure).

The Arthur L. Janura Preserve is a hidden gem on the north side of Chicago, Illinois, that offers something for everyone with its 4366 acres and various activities such as hiking trails through restored prairie land or oak woodlands packed full trees, which offer great camping spots too.

The Arthur L. Janura Preserve is a great place for nature lovers and aspiring ecologists alike! You can find multiple locations with rich naturalistic habitats like Carl R. Hansen Woods, Bode Lake, or even Poplar Creek Bicycle Lot, to name just a few off the bat that might pique your interest in this preserve. For those looking for more than hiking opportunities, there’s also Poplar Creek Model Airplane Flying Field if you’re up to taking on some new adventures.

The Arthur L. Janura Preserve offers a variety of outdoor activities for visitors, including hiking and biking on trails that are accessible by car or foot; portable bathrooms are available nearby if needed. Trail access also means you can take your dog out with its owner-on leash only because there’s an active bird population here, too (that includes eagles). The preserve provides many opportunities year-round, so grab those shades from home before setting up shop outside this gorgeous natural area.

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