The Arrowhead neighborhood in Wheaton, Illinois, is an ideal place to live if you want a quiet suburban feel with all of the benefits that come from living there. The area offers plenty for families looking at purchasing their home or someone who has been searching long and hard on finding something convenient close by – including schools.

The median home value in the Arrowhead neighborhood is $652,149, which makes it more expensive than 96% of neighborhoods across Illinois and 86% nationwide.

The Arrowhead community in Wheaton is among the most expensive rental areas, with an average price of $2,431 higher than 90% of other neighborhoods across Illinois. The cost of living here versus other neighborhoods around Illinois makes it an expensive place to call home but one that will be worth your while if you can afford the high prices.

The Arrowhead neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for large homes with plenty of space. The area has everything from four-bedroom properties all the way down to three-bedroom townhomes, so there’s something no matter what size family or individual living needs.

The demographics of the neighborhood show that it is mostly owner-occupied, with many homes having been built between 1970 and 1999. There are also quite a few residences that were established between 1940 -1969, making this area an excellent choice for those who want to live on older properties but not deal with urban decay issues commonly associated with downtown areas.

The residents of the Arrowhead neighborhood are truly in a unique situation even when compared to other Americans, based on their wealth. They not only have more wealth than 98% percent of Americans but also experience economic downturns with less impact on their daily lives due to the high concentration and stability here.

What’s the secret to a successful marriage? It might just be in the neighborhood of Arrowhead, where 72.9% percent are married and have been for quite some time. That fares better than 99.5% of other neighborhoods across America.

The people in this neighborhood are the elite of society. They have rich and prestigious jobs, which gives them plenty to keep themselves busy with all day long. If you’re an executive or just want your company pretty close by, then consider moving here today

A majority-minority community like Arrowhead contains many wealthy professionals who live comfortably off their hard work while maintaining high real estate appreciation rates too.

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