4 Winds Way

The hustle and bustles of Chicago’s famous downtown are only a few blocks away from this quiet Skokie neighborhood. With so much going on in Illinois, you’ll be glad to have found 4 Winds Way when looking for an escape from all that city noise.

The median price for a home on 4 Winds Way is $486,824, making it more expensive than 90% of neighborhoods in Illinois and 77%. This also happens to be an outlier compared to other places within our country. 4 Winds Way is a popular place to call home. The average rental price in this neighborhood ($3057), based on data from NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis, ranks it as one of the more expensive areas within Illinois – but don’t worry. It still comes out cheaper than 97% of other localities across America.

You and your family will find plenty of accommodation options in the 4 Windsway neighborhood. From tiny, single-family homes to large townhomes and condos, there are many choices for all affordances. The majority of homes in 4 Winds Way are owner-occupied, and many have been around for decades. There’s a mixture of older, well-established properties built during World War II to more recent ones.   The vacancy rate in 4 Winds Way is 12.7%, which may be a result of high demand for real estate or that new homes have been built but not yet occupied by their owners

There is a rise in educated adults in the neighborhood. This has led to increased knowledge, which translates into power for these residents’ communities as they continue sharing their expertise with others who need it most. In the 4 Winds Way neighborhood, 40.5% of adults have earned an advanced degree – higher than 97.8% of all other neighborhoods in America. In some ways, it even exceeds the rate for cities like New York or San Francisco that have more residents with master’s degrees. It’s no wonder this area seems more knowledgeable about life because they are qualified through education levels.

The 4 Winds Way neighborhood is not just a place to live; it’s also where you’ll find all collection of art and culture, with excellent restaurants, plenty for shoppers, and boutique stores along every block in addition to some luxury goods outlets offsite parking available. The 4 Winds Way neighborhood people are dedicated patrons to cultural institutions including museums, theatres, and galleries. In addition, they enjoy outings with friends or dinner at one restaurant that has an excellent selection of wines for those looking to satisfy their taste buds and expand their minds. 

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